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Banana OG is an Indica-leaning hybrid with an unusual aroma: when properly cured, flowers of this strain have the subtle scent and flavor of banana. Also, Banana OG Dank Vapes is a cross between perennial favorite OG Kush and Banana Kush. Which itself is the product of Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. These Kush, Haze, and Skunk genetics intermingle to yield a surprisingly sweet and mild smoke. Besides its standout taste, Banana OG offers a balanced, long-lasting high that’s enjoyable in a wide range of situations. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has found samples of this strain to have THC levels ranging from 16% to 25%.

Banana OG is different by impressively large, chunky flowers that have a tapered, spade-like shape. The buds maintain a distinctly Indica structure, dense and tightly-packed. Leaves are a pale green and play host to a profusion of rust-colored hairs (which are actually pistils intended to catch pollen from male plants). Banana OG’s flowers are also covered in amber-color trichomes that give the leaves a slightly yellow tint.

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A pleasant tropical odor bursts out of this strain’s flowers, presenting notes of banana with some faint citrus in the background. On closer inspection, there’s also a slight grassy smell hanging out underneath. Breaking open or grinding the buds gives off more of the dank, earthy scents typically associates with Kush varieties. When putting together, this strain can have harsh and cough-inducing smoke. On the exhale, though, this smoke tastes tropical and is undercut by a hashy, incense-like flavor. Smokers gotta have in mind that this is a particularly pungent strain. Those looking to keep their consumption discreet should take any needed precautions.

Banana OG is known to be a creeper of a strain, often taking several minutes before you see its effects. When the high does arrive, it brings both barrels, acting on the user’s cognition and body all at once. Initial effects can be disorienting and include dizziness, euphoria, and mind race. The smoker’s thoughts may jump from one to the next as they’re simultaneously beset by the sudden desire to sit or lie down. With time, this early intensity tapers off into a holistic relaxation, with both mental and physical effects humming along at a pleasurable pace. Couch-lock commonly reports, but so is deep, creative thinking — just don’t expect to find the energy to stand up and speed through tasks or errands. Enjoy Banana OG at night or in the early evening. Smoke it in a joint or out of a freshly-clean pipe to savor its unique flavor.

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Banana OG is also versatile for medical cannabis patients, providing relief from both psychological and physiological problems. It can ease aches and pains, whether they’re temporary or chronic, and diseases. Its uplifting, mood-altering effects can be helpful for mild to moderate cases of stress and depression. Thus helping patients to spend their time more consciously and mindfully. In high enough doses, it can also counteract insomnia, lulling users into a deep and restful sleep. Banana OG may not be the best choice for those prone to panic or anxiety, as its early destabilizing effects can lead to paranoia.

Breeders Apothecary Genetics is also responsible for the flavor-focus strains Grape Ape and Grape Royale. They make seeds of Banana OG Dank Vapes available for sale online. Once you obtain it, this strain can be successfully cultivated indoors or out, although outdoor growing requires a warm. Semi-humid climate with daytime temperatures in the 70 degrees Fahrenheit range. Growers should expect their plants to grow short and bushy. Also, they should “top off” the crops by trimming any broad, light-blocking fan leaves that tend to grow at the tops of stalks. Banana OG flowers within 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors and is ready for harvest in late September when grown outdoors. It offers growers only a modest yield for their efforts, at about 32 to 37 grams (or 1 to 1.3 ounces) of flower per square foot of plant.

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Banana OG Dank Vapes is a great example of how flavor doesn’t always come at the expense of potency when it comes to cannabis breeding. This strain’s dynamic knockout effects make it a great choice for un kicking back and getting silly with close friends or lounging and unwinding at home before bed.
Platinum Banana OG Kush marijuana strain is a Sativa dominant marijuana hybrid. The breeders of this cannabis strain remain unknown. This weed is very potent due to high, up to 22% THC count. Beginners must be mindful of the dose to avoid overwhelming paranoia and couch lock. Platinum Banana OG Kush has light banana scent and flavor. This marijuana is good for day and evening time use, the strain provides an instant boost of energy and all-round body healing.
Type of High
Platinum Banana OG Kush marijuana induces uplifting cerebral high and after it is relaxation. Boosts energy and creativity, prompts giggles, and socialization. Alleviates depression controls pain and nausea. May cause change in sensory experience.


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