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The Dank has a tendency to turn out heavy hitters with an appearance so engaging it’s hard to look away, and this creation is no different. Named for the city in Ukraine, Chernobyl Dank Vapes is a wild three-way cross between Trainwreck, Trinity, and Jack the Ripper. It is sure to lure you in with its aromas and then keep you hooked with its mood-melting effects.

This Sativa-dominant bud offers up wide-ranging THC levels swinging anywhere from 16% to 22% on average. As a result of this, the effects on your mind and body are quite substantial. It could leave you with racing thoughts if taken in excess. Much like the little green mutants take over the city. Chernobyl buds are rich in color and texture with olive green tones and electric orange hairs that bathe in powdery white trichomes. Much like its parentage, the aromas are floral and citrus. When you smoke, a deep dankness overwhelms your taste buds.

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Medical users love Chernobyl Dank Vapes for its ability to uplift and invigorate the body. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, the energetic nature of this bud will awaken even the sleepiest of people. Mental illness and mood or attention disorders stand little chance against this strain too. As it is recommended for anyone suffering from depression, stress, bipolar, or ADHD. Her all-over tingles and moderate relaxation makes this strain idyllic for treating muscle tension and cramps as well as mild aches and pains.

Chernobyl is moderately easy to grow plant if you know what you are doing, so intermediates and above are highly recommended. If you can get your hands on seeds and want to take a stab at her. Expect your baby to reach heights between 2 and 6 feet after only 7 to 9 weeks. If you watch it closely and prune regularly, you can expect Chernobyl to deliver a very high yield.

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Its THC content averages at 13-14% and can top off at 18%. Many describe its high as creating a strong euphoria mixed with an energetic boost, often eliminating negative thoughts and replacing them with a lovely contentment. It will cause the consumer to feel happy, creative, and relaxed, making it a perfect strain used anytime throughout the day – especially if pursuing hobbies or creative work. Negative side-effects include the normal dry mouth and eyes, but paranoia has definitely been known to strike the consumer if the strain is consumed improperly.


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