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Cotton Candy Dank Vapes Kush is a name to describe two apparently distinct strains. One is an Indica-heavy hybrid from breeders Delicious Seeds; the other is older. A more mysterious hybrid that has circulated in Canada for decades.

This Cotton Candy Kush’s bag appeal is immediately apparent: it boasts large buds that hold long, tapered shapes. The buds have a textbook Sativa structure, with loose, fluffy leaves that can turn easily from their central stems. Their texture is not unlike the wispy spun sugar of cotton candy itself. Leaves are forest green and are shot through with pollen-collecting pistils that begin as small white hairs that turn pink as plants mature.

Shades of light and dark purple add even more color and come about as the result of anthocyanin pigments in the plants’ genetics. Activates by colder than average temperatures during the growing process. Crystalline trichomes give the flowers a very sticky texture, again underscoring the strain’s similarity to carnival-bought cotton candy. When cure, these flowers smell sweet and fruity, almost bordering on saccharine. Floral and citrus notes hang out underneath. This Cotton Candy Kush burns smooth and tastes of fruity, cloying bubble gum on the exhale.

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More so, Delicious Seeds’ Cotton Candy Kush is a popular Indica-leaning plant with memorable flavors and an enduring sedative high. It is a cross between the incredibly aromatic Lavender strain and Power Plant. You can get it from Sativa landraces indigenous in South Africa. This strain’s THC content is purported to be 20%.

Cotton Candy’s normal THC content rests between 13-15%. Its high increases appetite, making it a great choice of strain to help with nausea or decreased hunger. Many consume this strain during the afternoon or evening since it uplifts mood. It equally creates a light body high that will relax your muscles into wanting to unwind. Reviewers enjoy its effects increasing creativity, making this a good strain to use when trying to eliminate writer’s block or pursuing imaginative hobbies.


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