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    This is an indica cannabis strain known to harvest buds that sparkle with trichomes. Hence creating a dazzle that’s reminiscent of  Dank Vapes – Diamond OG
. They’re aroma and taste is of citrus and pine, with undertones of diesel and fresh earth.

The parent strains of Diamond OG are almost a mystery, but one is known: the hybrid OG Kush.

The THC levels of Diamond OG average around 17%. Because of its Indica traits, it will create a state of full-body relaxation and cause the consumer to feel sleepy or lazy.  Thus making it a strain best consumed at night or in the evenings.  The muscles from head to toe will relax, and the munchies will surely arise. Reviewers have stated this strain is best smoked on lazy days when tasks are not in need of being complete.

If consumed improperly, Diamond OG can create dizziness or paranoia. Mild headaches may arise as the high wears down if too much was consumed.

The Diamond OG marijuana strain is very potent and has long-lasting effects.

Dank Vapes – Diamond OG is an indica strain, and when I smoke it, it reminds me of the feeling I get after an intense massage. Diamond OG was originally the OG Kush strain and was crossed with an unknown strain. There are so many crystals on the Dank Vapes – Diamond OG strain that you can see where it gets its name. It sparkles very intensely in sunlight. The Diamond OG strain is good for stress, pain, appetite, and for problems sleeping.

“A well-balanced strain that is great for stress and pain.”

Check out the DankVapes – Diamond OG marijuana strain on dankvapes.org, and see what people have to say about Diamond OG. Also and how Diamond OG affects various ailments.

It can leave you mentally euphoric in smaller doses. It’s definitely not one for times when work or even wakefulness needs to happen.

I get dank vapes and haven’t had any issues. Dank vapes is also dank woods (pre-rolls) which is obviously real flower. If they can produce dank woods soo widespread what makes you think they don’t have the extra for cartridges? I’m not knocking what you’re saying I’m just giving some of my own thought. Also, I haven’t had any issues with side effects from using dank vapes. I get mine from a guy who gets a box or two about every 3 weeks or so who claims(so who knows) it’s direct from the source. I was doing some research after reading this article and found that my state’s medical dispensaries sell dank vapes for $80 G which leads me to believe at least the local ones are legit in my area. I’ll continue to look for lab results and I wonder where people get the lung illnesses infection and also the vitamin e acetate contamination.

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  1. Sara Lindenschmid

    Thank you guys so much. I am most grateful. This will greatly help my son.

  2. Derek Wertman

    Order received. Thank you for coming through. I will order every month

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