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Not as sinister as its name implies, Diablo OG Dank Vapes is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that confers relaxation and mental stimulation. Different phenotypes of this strain range between 15% and 20% THC. As a result, effects are mild to moderate but can become more potent as the dosage increases.

There is some ambiguity around this strain’s parentage. It is a cross between an OG Kush parent and Diablo. A Sativa hybrid that originates from a Canadian seed company Next Generation. The Diablo parent strain (which won the long-running British Columbia Harvest Cup in 2002) is itself a cross between flavorful Blueberry. Grapefruit, and South African landrace strains, giving it the complex fruity flavor that is so evident in Diablo OG. Others claim that Diablo OG is simply a distinct phenotype of the OG Kush & Ghost OG. However, Diablo OG’s effects are generally more cerebral than the couchlock which associates with Ghost and other OGs.

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The creation of Diablo OG is often credited to Los Angeles-base dispensary Reseda Discount Caregivers. Reseda is also known for signature OG strains like Herijuana OG. A potent Indica-dominant strain that is beneficial for insomnia relief.

Diablo OG’s appealing taste and well-round high make it a building block for crossbreeding. Southern California’s Riot Seeds has cross Diablo OG with powerful Indica Sand Storm to produce the rare Diablo OG Kush Storm.

Diablo OG is popular in California but is relatively difficult to find outside the West Coast. Its moderate THC content makes it a suitable strain for novice smokers. Although it’s potent enough to keep cannabis enthusiasts afloat. Its purple varieties have some “bag appeal”. Diablo OG’s real standout characteristic is its floral yet skunky smell and taste. A clear and mobile head high comes with a mild but refreshing body high that makes Diablo OG a great choice. Whether you’re looking to boost your creativity, get things done, or just unwind at home.

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Digging deeper into my research will lead to a better explanation of the Diablo OG strain’s lineage. It actually is an extremely Sativa-dominant hybrid that originates from Reseda Discount Caregivers – a collective in Los Angeles. The Diablo OG strain is the result of crossing OG Kush with the Diablo strain, which is an interesting hybrid in its own right. Once you realize the Diablo strain is a combination of Blueberry, Grapefruit, and an unknown African Sativa, your experience with Diablo OG will make complete sense.

The effect of Diablo is as follows by its fans as being uplifting, improving mood, relaxing the muscles of the body, and creating an overall euphoric experience. Some say it has the potential to eliminate negative thoughts and to free the mind to wander. Others say it works for stress, pain, insomnia, and inflammation.

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    Trusted vendor. Keep the good work

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    Nice flavor. I did enjoy it

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