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Typically, this resinous flower is categorized as Sativa, hybrid, or Indica, base on the morphology of the plant. But cannabis can be further put in categories through a vernacular define by popular cultures, such as Kush Rove Carts, Haze, and Purple. These terms refer to types of cannabis characterized by distinct smells, flavors, effects, and/or geographic regions. Moreover,  The origins of the Kush cannabis family are rooted in the Hindu-Kush Mountains. To add, That meander through the borders of modern-day Afghanistan and Pakistan. Thousands of years, possibly tens of thousands of years ago man was growing Kush here.

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One strain sits on the Kush throne and in our opinion, the queen of all Kush varieties is the OG Kush. Reputedly a mix of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush the OG Kush is undoubtedly connoisseur cannabis. In addition, 20%+ THC levels from neon green gooey buds that hit you like a one-two punch combo of uplifting Sativa. What comes after is a narcotic Indica effect that makes OG Kush a living legend. One thing that’s not up for debate is OG Kush’s potency. Furthermore, Its THC composition measures consistently between 20% and 25%.

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The Special Kush strain is just that; a little something special that is incredibly easy to get hold of and uplift your day, often for very cheap. The Special Kush strain is well known for its deeply physical, intensely pleasurable sensations. It is able to utterly remove you from this plane of existence and teleport you somewhere entirely more euphoric and pleasant. The compact buds are almost neon green in color. With heavy crystallization that will leave your fingers extremely sticky after handling. Finally, With proper growth, the strain is a delicacy that deserves a spot on every marijuana enthusiast’s wish list


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