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Lemon Head Dank Vapes is a marvelous Sativa dominant hybrid strain. This cannabis strain contains high amounts of THC and offers users a clean lemon/citrus flavor. A cut of Kush from the notorious Royal Choice Farms. It offers a sense of euphoria that surges through your cerebrum and a feeling of focus that leads to a growing sense of creativity and energy.​

Lemonhead OG (or just Lemonhead) is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. Its first cultivation in the United States and is a proprietary strain of Arizona-based growers Royal Choice Farms. The mission of these illustrious breeders is to maintain a consistent quality of a product without the use of pesticides. Which the state of Arizona does not require testing for. Royal Choice Farms products, including Lemonhead OG, comprise of the utmost care and without harmful unregulated pesticides. Lemonhead OG is the product of breeding popular strain C4 with a cut of its OG Kush plant, creating a strain with a wonderfully potent terpene profile. This daytime strain is a great pick-me-up as it boosts mood and promotes social behavior.

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Lemonhead OG nugs look just like its namesake candy. Expect to pick up small, rounded buds that take on hues from mint to olive green. Bright, fuzzy pistils help add a bit of depth to their appearance and add a bit of an orange undertone to its overall color palate. To add, The trichomes on these buds are tiny but numerous, and under the right light often take on an amber tone. The aroma produced when nugs are broken down contains scents of sweet citrus, dank wood, and a bit of sharp pine. The flavor you’ll taste when burning these buds is that of lemony pine mixed with a bit of sweet and tangy citrus.

Moreover, Lemon Head Dank Vapes OG cannabis strain by Royal Choice Farms is a 70/30 Sativa strain with a THC average of 22-23%. The colors are dazzling on these nugs with amber undertones, bright hairs, and trichomes that look golden in the light. It smells like woody lemons and has a spicy burn effect. While the flavor is a tangy Pine-Sol with added sweetness and a smooth exhale. This strain can treat spasms, muscle cramps, depression, chronic pain, appetite loss, and stress. Best for daytime usage.


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