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A fairly tall and good-producing plant, Lemon Skunk Dank Vapes is exactly what the name sounds like — a heavily citrus-tinged Skunk variety with a potent and relaxing effect.  It has the typical Skunk lime green buds and bright orange pistils, producing frosty, dense, spear-shaped colas.


Varies — some are two Skunks crossed, while others are Skunk x Citral


One of the Skunk strains involved in Lemon skunk – Dankvapes (for both companies) came from Las Vegas, Nevada and eventually made its way in some form or another to Amsterdam, where it became part of the breeding projects that produced the final strain.  Lemon skunk – Dankvapes also ended up in Green House Seeds’ two-time Cannabis Cup Winner Super Lemon Haze.


Slightly sweet and mentholated lemon (many say “Lemon Pledge”), with a skunky backdrop.


Lightly sweet citrus with a floral element.


Though it’s sativa-dominant, this is a rather relaxing strain that puts the mind and body at ease.  If let go long it can be a little hazy mentally, but normally it’s rather functional, though mostly in more sedentary activities, especially after the first hour or so when it takes a more indica turn.  It comes with strong eye/face pressure fluctuations, aids with appetite, and helps with general relaxation, both mentally and physically.

Grow Medium Lemon Skunk Dank Vapes|Dank Cartridges

Lemon Skunk Dank Vapes is a tall and fairly branchy plant whose side shoots can rival the cola in overall size and girth at times.  It responds fairly well to training and SCROG but most will yield pretty well without it.  Some heavy sativa plants will need to be staked, as flowering stretch can cause them to triple or quadruple in height.  It’s known for having few leaves and being very easy to manicure as well.


Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, then to Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


DNA Genetics and Green House Seeds both offer versions, and there is another BC Lemon skunk – Dankvapes that was offered in seed form by Jordan of the Islands.

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant hybrid

Flowering Time

8-9 weeks, some very Sativa phenotypes exist in both GHS and DNA seedlines — those can go out to 90 days at times.

Lemon Skunk is the beloved child of two Skunk phenotypes. The crossing project was initiated with the aim of creating a powerful variety producing an intoxicating effect. The Lemon Skunk has proven its qualities by winning many trophies. She finished in first place during the Spannabis Cannabis Championship Cup in 2008. This variety is renowned for its complex characteristics, speaking of its effects, smell, and taste. This impressive profile makes it attractive to experienced cannabis users.

Lemon Skunk is a Sativa-dominated hybrid, consisting of 60% Sativa genes and 40% Indica genes. This relative balance of genes creates an effect affecting both the body and the mind. The cerebral aspect is slightly more pronounced and produces many thoughts and meditative experience.

This trait makes this variety a good choice for starting deep conversations with friends, or for initiating creative thoughts during artistic activities. The bodily effect produced by this variety is also rather powerful, and if eaten at the right time, produces calming and relaxing sensations. The effects generated by smoking this variety have medical potential, especially to help with stress, pain, fatigue, and headaches.

The flavor profile of Lemon Skunk is simply delicious. By lighting a joint filled with this variety, smokers will experience touches of lemongrass, lemon, lime, orange, and even cedar and sandalwood. The smell emanating from this variety is also splendid. By taking Lemon Skunk’s heads out of your grass jar, smells of lemon, lime, berries, and vanilla will escape to delightfully invade the room.

Lemon Skunk grows well in both indoor and outdoor conditions. One thing that must be taken into account is the size of this variety. The Sativa genes allow plants to reach sizes up to 200 cm, which means that it will be necessary to have a large room or garden to allow plants to reach their full potential. The excessiveness of this variety is reflected in yields, which will reach 100 to 250 g per square meter. The flowering period lasts between 7 and 9 weeks.


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