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Blending a unique flavor with Sativa and Indica effects, Sour Apple Dank Vapes is a strain you have to try. Originally created by Top Shelf Seeds, there are a few variations of this 80/20 Indica-dominant hybrid out there. Sour Diesel is always in the mix, but sometimes it’s crossed with Cinderella 99 while other times Pure Kush shows up. Either way, it produces a strain that’s great for relaxation for both day and evening use.

THC levels vary quite a bit with Sour Apple, showing up anywhere between 14% and 27%. Approach this strain with caution, as its smell can trick you into thinking it’s all fun and games while a strong high catches you off guard. True to its name, Sour Apple smells and tastes just like a tart sour apple, although the flavor sweetens a bit upon exhaling with some citrus undertones. Buds are super frosty and have a long and narrow shape with a gentle dusting of amber pistils. Many describe them as fluffy looking and are rather sticky.

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This strain can get the creative juices going as it alleviates the thought-blocking properties of stress and exhaustion. Upon feeling uplifted and alert, a body buzz will melt into the body, which in high doses can lead to couch-lock, so beware if you’re smoking for its clear-headed effects. The munchies may follow soon after. Sour Apple is recommended for managing cramps, inflammation, and minor pain.

Sour Apple marijuana strain induces uplifting cerebral high followed by strong body buzz, relaxation, and couch-lock. Improves mood, boosts energy, prompts giggles, and socialization. Relieves stress, controls pain, helps with muscle cramps.


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