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Health authorities have decided to reveal the brands believed to have made people sick. They are notified in quotation marks because it seems that the forgers have used some to pass their traffic. Sweet Aromatic Dank Vapes.

Furthermore, It is thus believed that 56% of the patients used “Dank Vapes” oil. It is a brand that does not exist. Indeed, the packaging is supplied empty. The counterfeiters then just have to fill them with any e-liquid from China and sell them unscrupulous.

The other brands used are “TKO” (15%), “Smart Cart” (13%), and “Rove” (12%).

Currently, health authorities are waiting to see the next steps before declaring or not a mitigation of the vaping crisis.

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Health officials say cartons of e-cigarettes containing marijuana are responsible for recent illnesses and deaths. In any case, this is what PBS News Hours reports.

In addition, In recent months the vaping sector has experienced a crisis, especially in the USA. Indeed, many vapers have developed serious lung diseases and some have even died. Those affected were found to be those who used oil cartridges containing nicotine and/or marijuana. Sweet Aromatic Dank Vapes.

To add, Authorities believed that the inconvenience came from counterfeit cartridges sold on the black market containing a mixture of cut petroleum and other substances. They even suspect that the main culprit is vitamin E acetate, which is used as a cutting agent. It would seem that the latter becomes harmful when it is inhaled into the lungs.


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